How We Do It

Offering end-to-end or partial integration solutions.

End-to-End Solution

With our End to End Solution, we provide our clients with both the hardware and software required to take advantage of the TracknStop product. This package is designed to provide clients in both the private and public sectors with a full end-to-end vehicle management and security system.

Partnership Solution

Our Partnership solution is designed to allow existing vehicle tracking companies to team up with Tracknstop for their security needs. By taking advantage of our Partnership Solution, existing vehicle tracking companies can now provide their customers with our anti-terror technology system to compliment their existing tracking hardware. 

Hardware Features:

  • State-of-the-art tracking device and STOP hardware interface
  • GSM jamming detection technology integrated
  • Internal backup battery in device in the event of a power cut
  • Completely tamper-proof design
  • Integrate our software with your existing hardware
  • Ability to work with multiple communication methods GPRS/GSM


Software Features:

  • User interface customised to specific client needs and branding
  • Designed for use with all Internet-accessible devices
  • Locate/track a vehicle in real-time
  • Remotely disable the vehicle
  • Create and manage customised Geo-Fences
  • Alert user via email/SMS that the vehicle detects motion
  • Stop a vehicle if it enters or leaves a Geo-Fence
  • View extensive history for movement and activation’s
  • Immobilise engine of moving vehicle in seconds
  • Immobilise your vehicle's engine safely (even while in motion)

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