Driver failed to follow specific route resulting in major disruption

Truck carrying a oversize load strikes Texas overpass after failing to follow specific route given.

On early Wednesday afternoon (11/07/2018) a truck carrying an oversize load struck the Texan Overpass of West I-20/South Loop causing the closure of the overpass and part of I-20.

Photograph: Tim Fischer/Midland Reporter-Telegram


A semi-trailer truck carrying an oversize load struck the overpass at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Loop 250 in the eastbound lanes of I-20.

A Freightliner truck tractor was towing a semi-trailer loaded with a silo. The driver, who had failed to follow the specific route permit that had been obtained for the load, hit the 15-foot, 9-inch bridge with his 17-foot load, according to the city’s spokeswoman.

Midland police officers discovered significant damage to the north and southbound lanes of the Loop 250 bridge where it crosses above the eastbound lanes of I-20. The driver was cited for having an “overheight” vehicle and failure to inspect emergency equipment.

As of Wednesday evening, one lane of eastbound I-20 is open, all lanes of westbound I-20 are open; northbound Loop 250 is open and southbound loop 250 remains closed. Because of the road closures, Midland ISD had to reroute some school buses Wednesday afternoon, according to Lacy Sperry, chief communications officer.

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