About TracknStop

Motorised vehicles are frequently used as weapons by terrorists worldwide. TracknStop has created patented technology to help tackle the weaponization of vehicles.

The Problem

Terrorists have begun using motorised vehicles to target popular tourist attractions, major events and busy celebrations. Terrorist organisations have also begun instructing their followers to use vehicles as weapons of mass destruction. Recent attacks across Europe and North America have resulted in the tragic death and injury of numerous civilians.

Not only that, but car thefts, hijackings and other unauthorised uses of vehicles regularly result in widespread injury, death and destruction of property.
Owners of vehicle fleets - along with law-enforcement agencies and security services - are looking for effective ways to tackle this problem. That’s where TracknStop steps in.

The Solution:

TracknStop enables vehicle owners to help prevent their fleet from being used as weapons. With our patented technology, we allow fleet owners to remotely stop a moving vehicle within seconds, from anywhere in the world.

Our technology can be used by existing fleet management companies and tracking companies to upgrade their current systems. Alternatively, TracknStop can offer a full end-to-end solution for new vehicle fleets.

Safeguard your vehicle fleet today!