Complete vehicle security 24/7

The problem

Vehicles are Dangerous.

The issue of vehicle security has become increasingly challenging for fleet managers and owners. From the transportation of high value, hazardous or dangerous goods to vehicles being rented or stolen and in turn being used in dangerous or unlawful situations such attacks on civilians - fleet operators have one thing in common - a corporate responsibility to protect the public as well as users, shareholders and brand value.


Public Transport


Hazardous Goods


High Value Goods

The solution

Track. Disable. Stop.

Utilizing both sophisticated GPS technology and highly specialized software the TracknStop™ solution enables vehicle and fleet managers to TRACK, DISABLE and even STOP a moving vehicle.

The hardware is easy for fleet management mechanics to install and is tamper proof. The technology has been tested internationally and proven with transport companies with in-excess of 1-million miles tracked and monitored with vehicles stopped safely when required.

Our proprietary software TNS Shield™ allows for large scale monitoring of vehicle fleets in real time on a fully secure and managed platform.

Key Features

Geofence IN and OUT.

Among it’s many features TracknStop enables vehicle owners to safeguard their fleets and the wider public with its ‘Geofence IN and OUT’ option.

About Us

Patented Technology.

Founded in Ireland in 2014 TracknStop™ is a privately held company that specializes in robust vehicle security solutions. Our patented technology can remotely stop a moving vehicle safely within seconds, from anywhere in the world.

We allow vehicle owners to securely send a ‘stop’ command to any TracknStop™ fitted vehicle. This command will intelligently stop the vehicle in the event of vehicle hijack, theft or where a vehicle is being used in a dangerous or unlawful situation. TracknStop™ has a granted US Patent on its technology (US Patent No.9,630,590).

We recently introduced TNL to our range of products - our integrated GPS trailer tracking system which gives you control over asset protection like never before. Designed to track high value, hazardous or flammable goods from anywhere in the world with long life battery power and features such as motion alerts and geofencing.


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